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    How to come in Banja Luka?

    Banja Luka is positioned in the very heart of the Balkans.
    It has excellent infrastructural connections and is easily accessible by highway 9. Januar,
    by train or by plane. the nearest airport is about 20 kilometers away.

    How to call a cab?

    Taxis are available at every corner, and there are several taxi stands in the city. A list and phone numbers of taxi services in the city are available on the City of Banja Luka website.

    Refund of festival tickets?

    Refund is possible only in case when festival is canceled.

    Where are VIP areas and what can I get in VIP?

    Main VIP areas are beside Main stage. By purchasing VIP tickets, you gain access to the festival’s VIP zone, which is located next to the
    festival’s Main stage, and in which, in addition to the best position at the festival, visitors have access to the highest level of catering service, a cocktail bar, separate tables, special access to a separate toilet, with a limited number of visitors and maximum comfort at the festival itself.

    Price range of accomodation?

    Hotel prices per night are usually about
    50 – 70 Euros, apartmans 25 – 70 and Festivals CAMP is for free!

    Opening and closing time? 

    Festivals gate open at 9 p.m. and closes at 6 a.m.