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    Beyer will play at Fresh Wave for the first time. Aura and a touch of an incredible music career, which has been going on since 1993. is going to refresh the audience on the opening of the tenth Fresh Wave Festival! He has his name on six solo studio albums and also on a large number of singles and EP releases. Including a various number of music collaborations with most known electronic music artists. Beyer expands his influence on the world music scene since 1996. thru the legendary record label Drumcode.

    Adam is more than capable to find the very essence of techno sound and share it to the people all around the globe. Prove of his unbelievable connection lays down in Radio Show: Drumcode Livewhich has a 11 million listeners every week. Those incredible numbers makes this show most broadcasted techno content in the world! Speaking of numbers here is an interesting one. Profit from this year’s EP Dirty Lagoon will go to world environmental organizations. This way of thinking speaks enough of Adam as an artist who wants to do so much more!

    His most famous song „Your Mind“ will be the anthem of the upcoming festival edition. We will enjoy Adams set on Thursday, 11 August on the tenth edition of the Fresh Wave Festival!

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