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  • Relja Despotović Seksi, Đorđe Bibić Biba, Andrija Đorđević Bandra and Miljan Rogošić Ourmoney are Crni Cerak, a Belgrade trap crew, whose beats and rhymes began to be heard over the phone in the city’s corners, and now throughout the most popular clubs in the region and the diaspora.

    With the song “CC#2” for the hit project “Juzni Vetar” directed by Miloš Avramović, they broke all records, and for the debut film production of director Luka Mihailović “Indigo Kristal”, which is currently in cinemas, they signed the complete soundtrack, which according to reviews on social media nets record incredible results. On the biggest stage of the festival, they will perform with a guest as The Crni Cerak and Lacku.

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