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  • This summer, Freshwave will be held from August 10th to 12th on Banjaluka’s fortress Kastel. You can expect a record number of festival stages and zones, as well as the largest festival camp and the best festival production so far. Indira Paganotto, Bart Skiles, Javier Portillo, Buc Kesidi, Sara Jo, Crni Cerak and Lacku, are just a hint of what we can expect in the coming period.

    We are offering the best deal three-day festival tickets:

    BEST DEAL 3-day ticket is available at a price of 75KM/37 Euros
    BEST DEAL 3-day VIP ticket is available at the price of 120KM/62 Euros

    By purchasing VIP tickets, you gain access to the festival’s VIP zone, located next to the festival’s Main stage. In VIP zone visitors can enjoy a coctail bar, separate table and highest level of comfort at the festival.

    Festival Early Bird tickets are available to sales points by June 1st.

    Get your Freshwave2023 tickets in time.

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