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    In just a few years, the trap trio Kuku$ Klan, or Kuku$ for short, released numerous albums and singles, and collected a quite number of nominations and significant regional awards! They break records with each new song released, and the single “Sve ili ništa” which was on the soundtrack for the film “South Wind 2” counts millions in audience numbers!

    Kuku$ was founded in 2013. in Zagreb by Mislav Kljenak (Iso Miki), Ivan Hilje (Hilj$on Mandela) and Ivan Godin (Goca R.I.P). In mid-2015, they released a mixtape “O kuku$ima se ne raspravlja” containing nine songs, which the regional audience received more than well. The only logical sequel was to keep working, and in 2017. this decision led to four new singles: “Frend”, “Šnitanje”, “Šinteri” and “Magic Johnson”. At the beginning of 2018. they released an album containing seventeen songs, with the name “Anđeli i bomboni” featuring Target, Shin Tu, and Hladni as guests. At the end of January 2019. they released a new album containing eight songs called “Glupi tejp” which features Fox, Surreal, and Donplaya. Same year Kukus appeared as a guest on the Bassivity Digital Showcase with Fox, Sara Jo, Elon, Senidah, and Surreal at several important regional music festivals.

    They are coming to Banja Luka’s Kastel Fortress as part of the 10th Fresh Wave Festival, on Saturday, 13th of August, and will perform on the same evening as Senidah and Buč Kesidi.

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