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  • The electronic music icon, with more than three decades on the world stage, John Digweed arrives on the upcoming edition of the Nektar Fresh Wave Festival!

    Thomas John Digweed is a British DJ, record producer and label owner. He started as a fifteen-year-old, and his devotion to music and obsession with progressive electronic sound made him the most recognizable icon of the music genre with a large number of followers around the world. His influence on electronic music over the past 30 years is significant, and with his electronic progressive sound, he wrote the golden pages of dance music history.

    It’s worth mentioning at least some of the details of his incredible career! He has built a rich musical career on several grounds, as a performer with DJ Sasha, then as a publisher, because through the label Bedrock Records he promoted numerous artists Danny Howells, Jimmy Van M, Rui Da Silva, etc. DJ Magazine voted him World No 1 DJ in 2001. This British gentleman, Mr. John Digweed will close this ninth edition of Fresh Wave Festival, where we will celebrate music together!

      Tickets for the ninth edition of the Nektar Fresh Wave Festival are available through the ticket service Kupikartu.ba, and a three-day ticket package is on sale at the price of 60 KM / 30 €, three-day VIP tickets at the price of 100 KM / 50 €, one-day tickets at the price of 30 KM / 15 € and one-day VIP tickets at a price of 50 KM / 25 €. Please note that all those who kept last year’s tickets can use them to enter this year’s edition of the festival.

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