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  • An authentic representative of the younger generation of hip hop performers, although born in Belgrade, a Banja Luka resident and the pride of his city Klinac, is a typical example of someone who loves and respects what he does more than anything. And he does a lot of things! With three studio albums and a dozen singles, Klinac has established himself as someone who is the voice of his generation and in a relatively short time he managed to penetrate the top of the new wave of regional hip hop sound.

    The kid is proud of the rich musical heritage from home, because he comes from a musical family, and through his performances he represents the streets of Banja Luka where the same rules apply as in any other regional metropolis. He set the priorities in last year’s album of the same name, which is an essential continuation of the previous album, which experienced incredible musical success in the Bassivity release.

    He will open the LIVE stage of this year’s Nektar Fresh Wave Festival with his performance!

    Tickets for the ninth edition of the Nektar Fresh Wave Festival are available through the ticket service Kupikartu.ba, and a three-day ticket package is on sale at the price of 60 KM / 30 €, three-day VIP tickets at the price of 100 KM / 50 €, one-day tickets at the price of 30 KM / 15 € and one-day VIP tickets at a price of 50 KM / 25 €. Please note that all those who kept last year’s tickets can use them to enter this year’s edition of the festival. 

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