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  • The last day of the festival on the LIVE stage of the Nektar Fresh Wave Festival will be marked by Marčelo’s performance.
    Marko Šelić Marčelo is one of the most recognizable representatives of hip hop sound from this part of the planet, and his sharp mind, intelligent rhymes, critical approach to society often shown through satire, irony and other elements of insightful thinking made him a unique performer of this genre. He is no stranger to performances with the band, and through live performances he has built a reputation as someone who likes to connect with the audience. He is one of those who raised dust with each new release, and the success of his albums speaks volumes in support of this statement.

    In 2006, Marčelo received the Davorin Award for the best rock / pop / hip hop album from Serbia (Puzzle Shock!). In June 2009, he received the Indexi regional award (award) in the category of the best hip hop album of the year (Third side of the medal), and through a career of more than ten years he collaborated with artists such as Edo Maajka, Elemental, Škabo and others. The multi-talent he builds in different directions is crowned by his books, but also by comics, which he says are a special way of expression that complements him.

    Last year, his sixth studio album Noah’s Deception saw the light of day, which he will premiere to the audience of the LIVE stage of the Fresh Wave Festival, of course along with many other hits, which are Marčelo’s trademark.

    Tickets for the ninth edition of the Nektar Fresh Wave Festival are available through the ticket service Kupikartu.ba, and a three-day ticket package is on sale at the price of 60 KM / 30 €, three-day VIP tickets at the price of 100 KM / 50 €, one-day tickets at the price of 30 KM / 15 € and one-day VIP tickets at a price of 50 KM / 25 €. Please note that all those who kept last year’s tickets can use them to enter this year’s edition of the festival.

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