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  • In these difficult times for all of us, we invite you to follow and be a part of the FRESH Wave family. To overcome the time of the pandemic as easily as possible, we are giving you exclusive DJ sets for a quality time spent at home!

    After exlusive sets, recorded in the very heart of the city of Vrbas, this time we give you the sets that were created at the most famous Banja Luka picnic area-Banj Brdo. We bring you exlusive DJ set with Mladen Tomic!

    Sven Vath and Artbat are the first headliners this years edition of Fresh Wave Festival, which will be held from 6th to 8th of August! You will hear the sounds one of the biggest music festivals in Bosnia and Hercegovina at the unique Kastel Fortress, one of the oldest historical monuments in the City of Banja Luka.

    Tonight, on 1th of May, in 8PM, on Youtube channel and on the festivals Facebook page, Mladen Tomić will bring sounds of a good music to you, as a part of the festivals contribution to the message #staysafe.

    Follow us and enjoy in the Live Stream DJ sets on the Facebook page of the festival.

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