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  • This summer’s season has been ravaged by the Covid-19 crisis, and because of the current epidemiological measures for combating the virus, the event we have scheduled for Saturday, 18th of July, at the Banj Brdo, we are delaying on Saturday 25th of July. The first star of the evening will be Brazilian DJ Victor Ruiz! Fresh Wave Picnik will be the first major event this summer under the open skies in Bosnia and Herzegovina! Tickets for this event are available for a price of 20 BAM ( 10 euros) at kupikartu.ba

    We ask Victor some questions and here is what se said:

    Pandemic changed everyone’s lives. What were you doing during last couple monts?  

    V- It’s been quite a journey to be honest. I had really intense days, and also amazing days. A lot of introspection and learning about life and myself. Been cooking a lot. Finished many tracks and edits and maybe the most interesting was recording my first Masterclass. Such a challenge for me. I never thought I could teach, and it ended up that I can. Mega happy about that.

    We all know Berlin as European capital of clubbing and culture. What is it looks like these days? Anybody dancing? 🙂

    V – Life seems going back to normal somehow, but without parties. Clubs are now Beer gardens, but I really hope open air parties will come back soon. Fingers crossed!

    Most DJs say that traveling is the most beautiful, but also the hardest part of the job. Now, when most planes are down, do you miss that lifestyle, and what is, for you, best and worst part of being DJ?

    V – I miss it A LOT. I really love flying, spending time at the airport, being at hotels, meeting new people, playing music… I miss it so so much and can’t wait to be back on the road. I must admit that the pause was a bit necessary to catch up on some sleep as I’ve been touring for more than 10 years a lot.

    Music and dancing have always been important part of our life, so we’re very happy to have you in Banjaluka soon. Have you ever been in Bosnia, and what kind of memories you have of your previous gigs in Balkan?

    V – Never been to Bosnia and I’m mega excited to be there for the first time. I love the whole area although I haven’t been that many times. The memories I have are the sweetest as the people in the area are so welcoming and amazing. Can’t wait, really!

    What are your plans for this summer and the rest of the year? Can we expect some new releases, new collaborations?

    V- As I said before, I’ve been working 24/7 on my Masterclass, so this is the big news. And it’s gonna be quite special with five modules and I’ll show how I produce. Very excited!

    What do you listen when you want just relax and enjoy the moment? Do you have any recommendations for some less known, but awesome artists?

    V – To relax I like to listen to sounds of nature and white noise. For me is the best way to relax and induce me to sleep like a baby. Highly recommend the nature sounds playlists on Spotify. A must!

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