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  • On Saturday, August 7th, the Main Stage of Nektar Fresh Wave Festival will host Victor Ruiz!

    Victor has such a powerful and unique sound! This is the sentence that can most easily describe what makes Victor Ruiz unique and recognizable on the electronic music scene. He is known for his top quality production, which makes him a special artist, and his editions of classic tunes, in addition to being very popular, are also his trademark. An unusual but original way to pay homage to musical influences has been recognized by audiences around the planet, but also by some of the legendary music performers such as Dubfire or Moby, The prodigy or Depeche Mode!

    The Brazilian producer who lives in Berlin travels all over the world, performing at all shows, from big festivals to intimate clubs and from big clubs to intimate festivals. This is an artist who encourages special moments of self-expression, escapism and catharsis. He is equally skilled in the studio, through a style that contains his special sense of musicality and energy, he drives fans of electronic sound crazy, and his releases are on all important labels such as Drumcode, Noir Music, Suara, Senso Sounds and many others.

    Driven by unwavering passion and desire to inject positive energy into the lives of all who listen to his music, Victor Ruiz continues his life mission with a smile on his face, open heart and open mind! Enjoy him on last festival night and together make the festival finals epic!

    Tickets for the ninth edition of the Nektar Fresh Wave Festival are available through the ticket service Kupikartu.ba, and a three-day ticket package is on sale at the price of 60 KM / 30 €, three-day VIP tickets at the price of 100 KM / 50 €, one-day tickets at the price of 30 KM / 15 € and one-day VIP tickets at a price of 50 KM / 25 €. Please note that all those who kept last year’s tickets can use them to enter this year’s edition of the festival.

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