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  • Fantastic performances of the electronic music stars:: Sven Väth, Ilario Alicante, Nastia, Victor Ruiz. Deborah De Luca, Sasha nailed Nektar Fresh Wave Festival to the very top of the regional festival scene!       Record number of visits, visitors from most countries in the world so far, record number of journalist teams and other representatives of media houses from the world, the country and the region, a record number of performers so far unprecedented festival production – they marked the ninth and just as we announced, the best edition of  Fresh Wave Festival so far!

    The long warm summer that we are enjoying these days has brought us a breath of fantasy from the Kastel Fortress, which was also marked this summer in Banja Luka by another record edition of the Fresh Wave Festival.

    The magical August evenings this summer during the biggest music festival in BiH took us on an unforgettable adventure and gave us a unique experience of festival magic, which we recorded during one of this year’s best performances signed by fantastic Ilario Alicante.

    You can watch this complete show on festival YT even after the premiere, which is scheduled for October 21 at 8 pm CET.  

    Hope you are ready for the blast!

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