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  • Bokee, together with Life4Funk will perform on Saturday, August 10th, in a b2b set on Energy Stage of the forthcoming edition of Fresh Wave Festival ‘Heaven’ at Banja Luka’s Kastel Fortress. His presence on the music scene has been lasting for over two decades, and is equally recognizable among festival and other types of audiences.

    We asked him:

    Can we make a difference between festival and other types of audiences?

    Of course there are differences … although it depends on the festivals stages; there are even differences between the stages when it comes to audience.

    You performed as SillyHeadz with Marko Vuković. How important is a communication between the two of you, but also communication with the audience?

     Communication between DJs is not so important when they understand or know each other for a long time. Marko and I are an example of that, as we never ever prepare or arrange sets in advance when we are doing something together, we just start and let the music do the rest.

    Communication with the audience is important, although it doesn’t need to be exaggerated. I don’t like DJs that are constantly jumping, waving hands, climbing on mixers and counters and performing acrobatics, if you don’t know how to communicate with the audience, primarily through music, then you’re probably in a wrong career.

     What Fresh Wave Festival audience can expect from your performance?

     They can expect the same thing I’m doing for over 20 years, with good energy, nice emotion and a beautiful melody on the set. It will be my pleasure to do b2b for the first time with experienced Life4funk.

    Which 5 things best define you as a performer?

    The first thing is Progressive music, that’s what I truly love.

    The second thing are very often long, marathon sets lasting for over 12 hours.

    Third, very often morning sets. For this reason, in 2004 and 2005 I made two official mixes called Sunrise I and Sunrise II.

    Fourth and fifth, you’ll have to ask someone else… hahahahha

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