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  • Fresh Wave Festival Massive Stage, at the new location within the Kastel Fortress, brings the following performers favorite to fans of powerful bass lines and pumped beat: RAHMANEE, FILIP MOTOVUNSKI, HARINGA, DEE JAH, IRON, ZUPANY, MARQUEZ V, WOODIE, CHVARE, GOCE, PIPS, VANJA BABIC.

    The first festival night is featuring big regional drum and bass stars Rahmanee and Filip Motovunski. These are the performers who have forever changed the regional music scene bringing to the home dance podiums a recognizable drum and bass sound mixed with the authentic music from this region. They will be joined by Harry and Dee Yah. The second night is the hip hop night.

    Well-known regional hip hop sound DJs will present their sets to the audience! From Belgrade comes Marko Vukovic, alias Marquez V, and will honor us with his classic vinyl collection. His sets contain everything from the original funk and soul, through the old school of hip hop and RNB, as well as disc and acid jazz tracks, all of which are nicely mixed with the elements of scratch. We will have enough of scratch, as Marquez V will be joined by DJ IRon, a member of Beogradski Sindikat, who is always a dear guest. The same evening one of the finest hip hop selections will be presented to the audience by Zupany, a former member o Hain Teny, the cult hip hop band from Novi Sad. The same night, Massive Stage will feature the Fresh Wave Festival resident, DJ Woodie.

    Massive Stage boiling culmination marks barrier breaking when it comes to various genres close to hip hop sound. After a great performance by Kandžija and his band Gole Žene last year, the official DJ of Kandžija and a member of Gole Žene, DJ Pips, will present his versatile set to which one cannot resist. Resident is the founder of the most eclectic Osijek club program, Big Mama Session, as well as the #CASA program, where he expresses his sincere love for 4×4 sound. He is a member of Funk Delegation and a tireless explorer of good funk and soul that stimulates dance. The same evening Massive Stage will feature a local, Vanja Babić, and for the first time Macedonian performers Chvara and Goce, famous for DJ skills and a wide selection of tapes they are using, are coming to Banja Luka.

    It is clear that Massive Stage of this year’s edition of Nektar Fresh Wave Festival will host regional champions of drum and bass and hip hop sounds, but also present to a wider audience performers who might be the future champions.

    Tickets for the 8th edition of festival are available through the online ticket services kupikartu.ba and Gigstix.

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