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    Grgo Šipek, better known as Grše, is a Croatian songwriter and rapper. He started rapping at the end of high school, and with his friend, Mate Đonlić, better known as Đona, he founded a group III. Čin. During 2016, he worked in Germany, simultaneously joining the group 6wild, in which he spent a short period. From 2018. he started his solo career, and the following year he founded the production house Blockstar Digital.

    Critics predict a great career for him, and hundreds of thousands of new views of his songs on YouTube are unstoppably increasing every day. He is a hard-core rapper with harsh, fast, and aggressive expression, imbued with old-school beats.

    His rhymes rely mainly on social issues and cruel existentialism. Verbal and intellectual breadth in their background, in the leading role and first-person perspective, strives to give a brutally honest street response to the challenges of modern society tainted with drugs, weapons, alcohol, violence, and promiscuity.

    So far, he has released one studio album named “Tilurium” and numerous singles in groups III. Čin and 6wild. His second album called “Platinum” was released in 2021. He performed at some of the most famous festivals and clubs in the region, and for the first time, on Friday, August 12th, he will present himself to the audience of the jubilee Fresh Wave at Banja Luka’s Kastel Fortress.

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