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  • Ahead of the most anticipated party of this summer, Fresh Wave Picnic, Fresh Wave Festival Residents, Mladen Tomić and DJ Woodie promise sets worth waiting for and a night to remember! We also asked them how much all this means to them.  

    – We are returning to parties and events after 15 months, what does that mean for you?

    MLADEN TOMIĆ: We will finally have the opportunity to enjoy music in the right way, to dance and feel that positive energy that we all really need. It really means a lot to me, considering that I have been performing and traveling regularly for 20 or more years, the biggest break was 2 to 3 weeks, so any additional comment is superfluous. I’ve had a few gigs in the last month, but they’ve all been with limitations, so this Picnic will be something really special, I can’t wait.

    WOODIE: I don’t think there is a man who doesn’t rejoice, from the visitors themselves to the organizers of various events, as well as us DJs who stand at the mix desk again.

    – The single Domino signed by Oxia is one of the few releases that doesn’t seem to become obsolete, do you like and do you bring back such classics in your sets?

    WOODIE: Domino is definitely a planetary hit even today after many reissues, but I prefer his slightly older singles like Substance, Nation, etc. Certainly, I am absolutely up for a reminder of some classics through the sets, I think the older team will get back a little bit of memories of past raves.

    MLADEN TOMIĆ: Domino is a hit out of time and with new generations it comes to life again and again. Honestly, I haven’t spun Domino in a long time, which doesn’t mean I won’t, but I played it regularly at the time it came out. I don’t play classics often in my sets, maybe I just got bored during the years of playing and listening. I prefer to surprise with something completely new and unknown.

    – How much has the industry changed in the previous period?

    WOODIE: People have stayed the same and that’s the only thing that matters, let’s move on!

    MLADEN TOMIĆ: We will see that in the next period that follows. It’s a really tough period behind us, which unfortunately is still going on, this is now just the beginning of something that reminds us of normal. I have a feeling that people are still stiff and have gotten used to parties and going out. The journey is still very complicated and expensive, so for us artists, the situation is still unfavorable, if it is about international performances. We will probably be more focused on local and regional performances for a longer period of time. Also, in 15 months, we got a completely new generation that has yet to become part of the scene. But I am convinced that this will pass and that positive things are waiting for us, the whole music world can hardly wait for them to return to normal.

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