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  • In these difficult times for all of us, we invite you to follow and be a part of the FRESH Wave family. To
    overcome the time of the pandemic as easily as possible, we are giving you exclusive DJ sets for a quality time spent at home.

    In response to the current global situation, we have decided to treat the visitors of the Fresh Wave
    Festival with exclusive DJ sets of festival residents!

    On Wednesday, April 15h, at 7 pm, on Fresh Wave Festival Facebook page you will have the opportunity to enjoy the music served by Nebs Jack, but also you will enjoy in beautiful shots of the city on the Vrbas!

    Next week, on the roof of the famous Hotel Bosna, Mladen Tomić will bring sounds of a good music to
    you, as a part of the festival's contribution to the message #stay at home. We invite you to follow the exclusive DJ sets on Fresh Wave Festival Facebook page!


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