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  • Celebrating its effervescent 10-year journey, the annual FreshWave Festival, nestled on the banks of the Vrbas river within the historic Kastel Fortress of Banja Luka, is more than just an electronic music event. With its vibrant history of uniting music aficionados from over thirty countries, the festival has evolved as a global meeting point for music, culture, and unity. Evidence of this is seen in its latest endeavor.

    Nikola Lero and Danijel Dakić, PR Freshwave

    FreshWave has embraced a noble mission, partnering with Nikola Lero, the UNESCO Youth Champion for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to support the “Social Media 4 Peace” project. Spearheaded by UNESCO, this project aims to combat the dissemination of harmful online content, specifically hate speech. The initiative is currently in its pilot phase in four countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, the home ground of FreshWave Festival.

    With a captivating motto, “by engraving letters I search for the truth,” Nikola, a Banja Luka-based writer and Instagram poet, and a dedicated advocate for responsible social media usage, has been supporting the FreshWave Festival since its beginning, recognizing its contribution to the youth culture not just in the country, but in the region.

    FreshWave Festival’s commitment to this initiative is profound. By donating festival tickets to the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina, launching the innovative #freshwaveselfieofpeace campaign, and ensuring responsible reporting on social media during the festival, FreshWave solidifies its place as a festival with a purpose. 

    This partnership amplifies the message that while music has the power to entertain, it can also be an agent of change, spreading harmony both on and off the dance floor.

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