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  • Festival’s resident Mladen Tomic will perform at the FWF promo event on Kastel Fortress on April 20th. He revealed to us some interesting details:

    • What can we expect that night?

    MT: The spring is coming, a lot of sun and new energy. We are finally coming out of winter, and this will be the first Fresh Wave outdoor event this year on Kastel, so I’m sure that people will be in a similar mood afor this party. As far as my set is concerned, I never know in advance what exactly it will look like, but I will do my best to have a great time with the audience and enjoy music.

    • James Zabiela is a big name in the electronic industry. Which of his qualities would you highlight?

    MT: Yes! James is super! I like his energy and the fact that he is not limiting himself to certain genres and, of course, his mixing skills and the use of certain effects in a set.

    • While we are waiting for FWF event, the audience can enjoy your latest releases?

    MT: I recently had two EPs on Form and Transmit Recordings, and I’m very pleased with the feedback from the audience and from the overall scene. I’m constantly working on new music, sometimes more sometimes less, depending on inspiration and available time, and I am expecting some new releases soon. I have loads of demo material and I am in the phase of sampling and testing of tapes at parties.

    • Recently, we can follow you through the Get Connected show. Tell us about the experience of creating such content?

    MT: ‘Get Connected with Mladen Tomic’ is my new project, a weekly podcast/ radio show featuring my live and studio mixes as well as mixes of guest artists. In addition, I am doing live streaming sets from my studio in Banja Luka or some other interesting locations. Get Connected started in October last year, the feedback is great, it can be heard or viewed on my YouTube channel, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Itunes, and in addition to that, the show is streamed on 25 radio stations around the world and the number grows every week. My idea was to connect, communicate, and approach people in a slightly different way from what I usually do. Anyhow, it’s a new and very positive experience for me.

    • – Which three tapes would you recommend as a form of spring greeting (in your opinion, which will mark the spring of 2019).

    MT: Hyperproduction has caused music to change too fast and not last long, even to the extent that overwhelmed DJs once or twice spin a tape and on the next gig there is neither space nor time for that tape. I spend a lot of time listening and finding new music, and it’s not always easy to find several new things every week to put on a set. So, some of the things that I really like (do not have to be big hits at all) I’m spinning for several months. I don’t know if they will mark the spring, but at the moment some of my favorites are Phillipp Straub, Charlie Thorstenson – Grains; Fabio Florido – Omniverse; Fixer – State; Drunken Kong – The Line; Marck D – Moog.

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