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  • Subsequent remix requests for renowned pop acts followed, including Lana Del Rey, Gus Gus, Röyksopp and Laibach. Konstantin’s remix for DJ Yellow & Flowers And Sea Creatures became a massive club hit, receiving support from people such as Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Dixon and Tale Of Us and was voted to #2 ‚Remix of the Year 2013‘ in Groove Magazine. Konstantin’s extensive back-catalogue features releases on a series of prestigious labels, from Kompakt to DFA to Mute records.

    Konstantin has repeatedly shown he pays little attention to genres and pigeon-holing. He moves fleet-footed between musical categories, with a characteristic confidence that his quintessential style will shine through, whatever the musical template. In the studio, just as in the DJ booth, Konstantin lives and breathes the idea that music is fluid and that setting constraints based on convention and expectation will only suffocate musical personality. With his touring schedule becoming ever-busier, now is the time to see for yourself.“

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