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  • Fresh Wave Heaven superstar DJ list completes with another legendary name! Dutch DJ Joris Voorn arrives at the Kastel Fortress this summer!

    Fresh Wave Heaven on the second festival night presents Joris Voorna, one of the headliners of this year’s edition of Nektar Fresh Wave Festival! Dutch DJ and producer Joris Voorn began his career in 2003, when he won the talent show award in his country. Only six years later, in 2009, Voorna signed his name as the author and producer on his single “Sweep the Floor”, with witch electronic music scene opened its door for this artist. The absolute hit and Ibiza’s anthem quickly brought him numerous festival and club performances and the opportunity to present his talent and specific music choice to the audiences around the world. That Voorna is an outstanding performer is confirmed in the last decade, as he was the resident of famous clubs in Ibiza, such as Ushaia and Amnesia, and the headliner of major international festivals such as Parklife (Manchester), Movement (Detroit), Tobacco Dock ), Ultra (Miami), Mysterylands (Amsterdam), Hideout (Croatia), Electric Zoo (New York), BPM (Mexico) …

    Joris Voorna’s production work is considerable. His latest album “Nobody Knows” was voted the best electronic album in 2014 by the US Billboard Top List. He often produces and releases, and is the owner of two record companies, Rejected and Green, which are showing significant results in the world electronic music industry. His contribution to electronic music is immense because through his affirmation he simultaneously affirmed the electronic music scene of the Dutch metropolis and the epicenter of techno sound, Amsterdam.

    A part of that atmosphere will be felt by all who visit Fresh Wave Heaven this summer, and we remind you that limited set of promotional 3 day festival tickets, at the price of 65 BAM, is available through the ticket services kupikartu.ba and gigstix.com.

    Check our accommodation offer in Banja Luka during the eighth edition of Nektar Fresh Wave Festival, and visit www.freshwavefestival.com for further details.

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