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  • More than seventy performers performed on three festival stages of the jubilee, tenth edition of the Fresh Wave Festival at Banja Luka’s Kastel fortress. The most was certainly expected from the headliner M:Tel Main stage, and with the excellent performances of the artists: Sama’ Abdulhadi, Adam Beyer, Hernan Cattaneo, Claprone, Technasia and Hot Since 82, they fully justified those expectations. With emotional charge and unrepeatable energy, these performers entered the pages of the best musical story, Fresh Wave Festival, the tenth chapter of which ended last weekend.

    M:TEL Main Stage

    It was no less exciting on the Jagermeister LIVE stage, where the audience of the 10th Fresh Wave delirious saw off the performances of some of the most sought-after and appreciated regional performers, such as Vojko V. Gršet, Timbet i Ajs, Smoke Mardeljana, Krankšvester and Z++.

    Sama’ Abdulhadi

    And then nature offered us its choreography, rain, which eventually became “heavy rain” and despite the great efforts of the technical team and the moment when it seemed that it would succeed, the program from the LIVE stage on the last night had to be rescheduled for Sunday the 15th. August and held on the main stage of the festival – the main stage. Thus, the performances of Senide, Kukus Klan, Butch Cassidy, Green Bulls gave us a birthday party worthy of a jubilee, and that’s another festival night! Fresh Wave has shown that it can, and thanks to the great understanding of the performers and the efforts of the organizers, the audience of the 10th Fresh Wave Festival will not be deprived of any of the announced performances of the performers!

    The Energy stage justified the epithet of the most exciting underground stage of electronic music in BiH and presented the audience with performers, many of whom performed for the first time at the Fresh Wave Festival, but in Banja Luka in general. The special curiosity of this year’s edition of the festival is precisely the many premieres in front of the Fresh Wave audience, as well as the premiere performances in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which makes this festival stand out from all other musical events in the country.

    Numerous domestic performers paraded on the festival stages, so that the tenth Fresh Wave, like the previous nine editions of the festival, continued to nurture the idea that some of the most respected musical performers from the world and the region would appear on the same stages, as well as performers from Banja Luka and Bosnia and Herzegovina, thus undoubtedly proving to be the most important festival that directly supports the domestic music scene in this way.

    Fresh Wave Camp was presented to the visitors for the first time, where fans of music festivals from more than 30 countries found their temporary home for the duration of the festival. In the end, it remains for us to thank everyone who participated in this jubilee, and especially the biggest thank you goes to one unique and unrepeatable fan of Fresh Wave, who, despite the deceiving weather conditions, showed why she loves this festival, it is because of you that we will meet and at the next editions of the festival at Banja Luka fortress Kastel! Wave On to the New Decade,

    See you at the festival!

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