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  • We put an end to 2018 in a fantastic way with another successful Winter Fresh Wave event organized by Fresh Wave Festival. What is expected in 2019?

    We can already announce that cooperation with “Run and More Weekend” team is continuing, which means another great party, just like the one we had last year when thousands of people at the Kastel Fortress in Banja Luka enjoyed with Tomcraft and Bang La Decks. Of course, mid-June is reserved for the new edition of Fresh Wave Picnik on Banj brdo, and if it is to be judged by the current trends, we are expecting to have the most massive party ‘under the monument’ on the hill near Banja Luka. We are looking forward to the 8th edition of the festival that will open new universe of  music enjoyment and entertainment!

    The new year brings us great challenges, and you can help! Follow the news and announcements and get tickets for our events on time, and leave the rest to us!

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