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    The incredible musical path of leads her from Palestine to Beirut. Her performances on the world’s biggest stages around the globe in the past few years are amazing. The years she spent in the Lebanese capital define her sets. She developed her unique musical aesthetics although rooted in high-octane penetrating techno sound.

    “Music is Berlin techno, but I experience it in the Lebanese way,”

    Sama’ Abdulhadi

    Sama’ studied audio engineering at SAE institute in London. She released two music albums under a pseudonym Skywalker. Sama also manage to make collaboration with an Arab music incubator Eka3. That helps her to start her own agency Awyav.

    DJ-ing has become her main focus, and her music education breaks down the prejudice. Combining east and west she makes her sets original and unique on so many levels. That makes her one of the most exciting artists of today!

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