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  • Over fifty artists from the world and regional music scene will perform this summer at Banja Luka’s Kastel Fortress during the ninth Nektar Fresh Wave Festival, which will take place from 5 to 7 August, and the main stars of the festival are Sven Väth, Ilario Alicante, Nastia, Victor Ruiz.Deborah De Luca, John Digweed!  

    Jägermeister LIVE stage of the Fresh Wave Festival will host regional hip hop champions, and at the opening of this year’s edition of the festival it is reserved for performances by Krankšvester, Klinac and Kosnik. Krankšvester is a Croatian hip hop duo from Osijek. Known for vulgar, satirical and sarcastic lyrics, musically balancing on the margins of the theater while evoking the genres of dance music and modern sound.

    An authentic representative of the younger generation of hip hop sound performers, although born in Belgrade, a Banja Luka resident and the pride of his city Klinac, is a typical example of someone who loves and respects what he does more than anything. And he does a lot of things! With three studio albums and a dozen singles, Klinac has established himself as someone who is the voice of his generation and in a relatively short time he managed to penetrate the top of the new wave of regional hip hop sound.

    On Friday, July 6, the second evening of the festival, Vojko V. and Ajs Nigrutin and Timbe will wake up the Jägermeister LIVE stage of the Nektar Fresh Wave Festival, and they will be joined by the local band Brutal Protest. Vojko V. is one of the holders of the former hip hop band Dječaci, which was a notable success thanks to the albums that marked the period from 2008 to 2015. Vojko officially started his solo career in 2018, with the release of the song “Call a Man”, followed by the singles “Pasta Italiana” – a song that represents an unusual collaboration with Krešo Bengalko and Tonči Huljić, then “Ne može” announcing the first solo album Vojko, which brought this artist as many as six nominations and three awards at the 26th Porin Music Awards – two went to the album itself, for album of the year and the best club music album, while the award for best video went to video for “Can’t”. But Brutal Protest can, knows and wants to! The longest-lived hip hop band from Banja Luka will present to the festival audience the new material from the previous year in its manner, strongly, fiercely and brutally.

    Two of the three from Bad Copy, Ajs nigrutin and Timbe form the underground part of one of the most successful and influential hip hop bands in the Balkans. Ice and Timbe are a representative of dirty, Belgrade, hip hop sound, and their recognizable style has created an army of fans throughout the region. Originality. This is what makes them elusive for all those who would like the world to be framed, neatly arranged and categorized in clear frames without the possibility of freedom of expression, fusion and unique musical expression. Always greasy and hard bits in which the influences of some of the world’s greatest hip hop greats are discerned, doctorally arranged in a kind of rhapsody complete extravagant rhymes, which these hip hop connoisseurs compose on their own and never possible to copy style which would make this scene overcooked, tasteless and difficult to deceive.

    The last day of the festival on the Jägermeister LIVE stage of the Nektar Fresh Wave Festival will be marked by performances by Marčelo, Fox and Surreal, and they will be accompanied by resident DJ Woodie. Marko Šelić Marčelo is one of the most recognizable representatives of hip hop sound from this part of the planet, and his sharp mind, intelligent rhymes, critical approach to society often shown through satire, irony and other elements of insightful thinking made him a unique performer of this genre. He is no stranger to performances with the band, and through live performances he has built a reputation as someone who likes to connect with the audience. He is one of those who raised dust with each new release, and the success of his albums speaks volumes in support of this statement.

    Branko Kljaić, better known by his stage name Fox, is one of the main representatives of Serbia. He is characterized by numerous collaborations, and since he found himself on the Bassivity publishing label in 2018, he has achieved the most notable collaboration with rapper Surreal. He held more than 100 concerts throughout Serbia and the region, and in 2018 he performed at the Montenegrin Seadance Festival in front of about 15,000 people. The following year, in 2019, he performed at the Exit Festival, on the Fusion Stage as part of the Bassivity Showcase with Senid, Sara Jo, Elon, Kuku $ and Surreal.

    Surreal will complete the performance of the performers on the LIVE stage! He started playing music in 2010, when he started rapping under the name Cruel Reality. Shortly afterwards, he traveled to America, where he changed his name to Surreal, and the trip then brought him to Spain, from where he returned in 2017 and began more persistent work on his career. Regional bearers of this genre, which, judging by the numbers, are gaining more and more importance among the festival audience, in addition to Vojko V. and others, will mark the Jägermeister Live Stage of the Fresh Wave Festival!


    Tickets for the ninth edition of the Nektar Fresh Wave Festival are available through the ticket service Kupikartu.ba, and a three-day ticket package is on sale at the price of 60 KM / 30 €, three-day VIP tickets at the price of 100 KM / 50 €, one-day tickets at the price of 30 KM / 15 € and one-day VIP tickets at a price of 50 KM / 25 €. Please note that all those who kept last year’s tickets can use them to enter this year’s edition of the festival.

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